Sister Christine's Projects


Neighbours in Poplar began over 50 years ago, concentrating on isolated elders. However we have always been ready to help in any project which promotes community cohesion. Therefore a number of projects have grown over the years - these include: 

1.  Homeless Project

Caring for the Homeless in St. Matthias - we have done this for over 9 years 


2. Calais Trips

Regular community trips to Calais and the refugee camps. We began monthly trips 5 years ago. We had to stop in March because of COVID, but hope to resume soon again

3. COVID-19 Response Project

Since March we have ran our COVID-19 Response Project and delivered our 9000th Hot Meals to residents all over the Borough.


Neighbours in Poplar

Care for the Community in Poplar & Isle of Dogs for over 50 years. 


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